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Who we are

We are a group of consumers who work for consumers in today’s digital world.

Our mission is to break through the marketing clutter.

Why we are

Our mission is to revolutionise the digital landscape. In order for us to do this we will be sending our subscribers surveys, competitions and all the best offers from Australian brands to bring value to your inbox.

Where is the value

We want to bring nothing but value to our relationship with you the subscriber, so please keep an eye on your inbox and tell us how we are going.

Why should you join us

We want people to have clear, concise communication from relevant brands to them. Everything we do is about bringing our subscribers value.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Rather than force brands on our subscribers, we will hand pick the best available offers for each of you and only send offers that are applicable to you. At the end of the day we are here to hopefully make your life better by decluttering your inbox and keeping everything relevant.


Your privacy is at the centre of everything we do so we will not share any information without your consent. We do work with some of Australia’s largest market research firms to enhance the consumer experience. When we are doing this you will notice an extra disclaimer in our emails to notify you this is happening so you can choose to ignore these if you wish.

Help us do better by completing surveys and entering our frequent competitions

More Benefits for subscribers

Frequent surveys and competitions allow My Viewpoint subscribers to get even more value from being with us

Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in

Craig Davis

Data Collection

How do we gather data and keep it secure

Data collection is the process of accumulating and measuring facts, statistics and information from different sources. Data collection helps us to bring relevancy to all of our communication with our subscribers by offering insight, answering relevant questions and narrowing down the correct offers applicable to you.

We collect data through various means such as:

·       Brand campaigns

·       Competitions

·       Promotions

·       Reward programs

·       Affiliates

·       Product registrations

Once collected, this data is housed in our state of the art data centre and run through various different programs to ensure we bring value to your inbox by only sending you offers that are of interest to you.


As with all things, this process isn’t perfect so if you do receive an email from us that you don’t feel is relevant to you, please let us know below or you can unsubscribe and we will remove you from further communication.

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